NEW PHOTO TAKEN OF PORCH WITH NEW WHEEL CHAIR ELEVATOR RAMP. Mom vision came true. She quested this design and this is what she gotten. The elevator is for my mom who has to use wheel chair which is disappointing, to get up and down due to her a disease. Which attacks her nerves, and muscles, and cause spasms. Every day is constant struggle but she keep on with the LORD's strength and praying.


Phlip dell said…
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Sandi Holland said…
Beautiful porch with wheelchair lift, Feon. Is this your home?

Sandi Holland
Draw Nigh To Hope
Feon Davis said…
Yes, Indeed. Its pretty old on the inside too. Doing little each time when we able. The Good Lord has bless us to continue to do the best we can. Despite the hardships and stress. We pull as family in Jesus name.
Sandi Holland said…
So glad to hear that your family is working together. God bless you! Your home certainly is attractive on the outside.

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